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Global eCommerce Cross-Border Shipping Support

Get detailed tracking events and carrier information for your package(s):

open tab Track a Package


Find answers and assistance for Pitney Bowes Global Shipping Programs (GSP) using the following contact information:

For eBay Global Shipping Program (GSP): 

- Click the "Customer Support" link at the top of most eBay.com pages.
- Click the "Contact eBay" tab and sign in.
- Select the topic that fits your question or concern. If your issue is not resolved with the information provided, please click the "Call us" link.

-    You'll see a phone number and a PIN to use.
-    The PIN expires within 15 minutes, so if you're not able to call eBay within that timeframe, please click the "Call us" link again for a new PIN.

- When you are connected with a customer service rep, specify your concern and they will forward you to the team are best qualified to assist you in this matter. Note: For non-tracking issues, call eBay: 866.540.3229.

For Amazon deliveries outside the US:

Visit amazon.com and select “Orders” (or “Your Orders” on the Amazon app) to track the parcel shipments.

- For final mile carrier information please visit tracking.pb.com
- Enter your tracking number which begins with PBX
- Select “Track” to visit the carrier’s website.

Note: For non-tracking issues, call Amazon: 001 888-280-4331 or follow this link to Customer Service - Amazon.com

For PayPal inquiries:

As a PayPal user, go to the PayPal customer support portal and select a contact method.

Questions about the Cross-Border Shipping Program offered by other retailers: For the best support, go to the support center offered by the retailer where the order was placed.

UPDATED: September 26, 2019