Exporting a history report from SendPro Online

Products affected: SendPro® Online, SendPro® Tablet, SendPro® C200, SendPro® C300, SendPro® C400 (1H00, 2H00), SendPro® C425 (7H00, 8H00)

You can use SendPro Online to export history reports to .csv files. These reports may include history data from other SendPro products.

The following types of history reports can be exported:

  • Shipments: shipping labels created
  • USPS Stamps: stamps and envelopes printed
  • USPS Stamps Refunds: spoiled postage refunds
  • Postage: instances when postage was purchased
  • USPS Refunds: requests for postage refunds

SendPro history data is kept online for 25 months.

To export a report:
  1. Select History > Shipping & Postage History.
  2. Select the tab that corresponds to the report type you want to export: Shipments, USPS StampsUSPS Stamps Refunds, Postage, or USPS Refunds.
  3. Use the filters to filter the history so that only the data you wish to export is displayed.
  4. Select the Export icon. The report will be exported to a file named transactions.csv in your Downloads folder.
    SendPro web export icon
Note: A maximum of 3,000 transactions can be exported at a time. Attempting to export more will result in a 504 error. If you receive this error, reduce the date range of your report.

UPDATED: August 05, 2020