Error P2B4A or P2B4C on the mailstation series

Learn how to resolve error code P2B4A or P2B4C on the mailstation and mailstation2.
Products affected: mailstation™, mailstation2™


The meter displays error code P2B4A or P2B4C and may not print.


Your print head is approaching the end of its life span and needs to be replaced.


You can reseat the current print head to help extend its life while you are waiting for your replacement part.

Follow these steps to reseat the print head:
  1. Press Clear to clear the error
  2. Press Menu
  3. Press Review (Down) until the display says Use Ink Functions.
  4. Press Enter/Yes.
  5. Press Review (Down) until the display says Install new print head?.
  6. Press Enter/Yes.
  7. Open the cover.
  8. Press the unlock symbol to open the ink cartridge cover.
  9. Remove the ink cartridge by angling it towards you while lifting. The cartridge may leak from the bottom, so place it on a paper towel.
  10. Press together the two small tabs at the bottom of the ink cartridge holder. Swing this piece upward and back.
  11. Remove the old print head by lifting one of the black tabs and pulling the print head toward you.
    Do not discard the print head.
  12. Reinstall the print head by sliding it into place at a slight backward angle.
  13. Swing the print head guard down until it clicks into place.
  14. Reinsert the ink cartridge, angling the cartridge down and back.
  15. Swing down the ink cartridge latch. To close it, press down on the green circle nearest to you.
  16. Close machine cover and press Enter/Yes.
  17. Press Enter/Yes. The system will go through a process to install the ink into the print head. This may take a few minutes.
  18. Insert a tape sheet or envelope to print a test pattern.
 Contact technical support to have a print head replaced. Please have your model and serial number ready.

UPDATED: January 03, 2023