Printing international stamps in SendPro Online

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Products affected: SendPro® Online

International stamps can be printed either from the SendPro Online software or from the web version of SendPro Online on either stamp sheets or stamp rolls.

  1. From the SendPro Home screen, select Stamp Sheets & Rolls.
    SendPro Online home screen with Stamp Sheets and Rolls highlighted
  2. Select either Stamp Sheet or Stamp Roll, depending upon what you’re printing.
    • If using a stamp sheet, enter the serial number of the SendPro Online stamp sheet and select Accept. If you have printed stamps before, the most recently used sheet is already selected.
  3. From the Mailing Services / Stamp Value menu, select Choose another mail class.
  4. Select International.
  5. From the Country menu, select the country you're mailing to.
  6. Select the Mail Type, enter the weight, and select Accept.
  7. Select any other options to set up the stamp as needed.
  8. (Optional) If using a stamp sheet, select Test Print to print a test sheet on plain paper. Test prints are for testing alignment only and do not use postage.
  9. When ready to print the stamp, select Print.
    • If printing a stamp sheet from a web browser, a PDF of the stamp sheet opens in a new browser window or tab. Use your browser's print function to print this file.

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UPDATED: July 09, 2021