Stop paying more on logistics costs.

Extra fees, accessorial & surcharges from the major carriers can really add on to the total cost of a shipment.

Busting the myth of volume discounts from carriers.

We understand that navigating the shipping industry can feel like a complex maze with so many options available. That's why we have taken our wealth of knowledge and packaged it into one comprehensive eGuide: "Busting the Myth of the Carrier Discount."

Looking to make sense of carrier discounts and understand the real savings in shipping? Download the free eGuide and arm yourself with the necessary resources to transform your shipping strategy. 

Myth of the carrier discount

Our newly released eGuide offers:

  • Real-life scenarios that debunk the myth of carrier discounts
  • Insights into how varying shipping rates can impact your profitability
  • Tips on choosing the right carrier for your business needs

Don't fall for the myth. Master the art of carrier selection with Pitney Bowes' eGuide today. Be in control of your shipping decisions and boost your bottom line.

Take the first step - download “Busting the Myth of the Carrier Discount” now.

Keep your carrier discount & lower your shipping costs.
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