Optimize postage spend through innovative mail file analysis


Optimizing postage spend is a challenge.  With PrimeSort, the work is done for you quickly, easily and efficiently.  Using our innovative cloud-based solution, mailers simply upload their mailing file and answer a few questions. PrimeSort then goes to work doing what it does best – saving you money!

Optimized Postage Spend

PrimeSort is a valuable tool for mail owners and letter shops looking for new ways to optimize postage spend and improve campaign ROI.  Developed as a cloud-based solution, customers can get started quickly and easily.  No hardware installs, IT investment or infrastructure required. 

From a simple web-based interface, customers upload a mailing file and answer a few basic questions. PrimeSort conducts an in-depth analysis and recommends the optimum way to split files to reduce overall postage spend.

  • Direct Present
  • Commingling/One Pass
  • Hybrid

Customers review the proposed results and decide which option(s) to select.  PrimeSort will then create the appropriate mail preparation files, tray labels and more. 


  • Optimized postage spend
  • Reduced infrastructure costs to manage mailings
  • Quick and efficient creation of print files and mailing documentation

Direct Mail Centers Support Your Needs

With five Direct Mail Operating Centers, Pitney Bowes Presort Services is the only presort network that can support direct mail needs nationwide. Strategically located throughout the country, each Operating Center picks up mail three times per week providing customers with predictable schedules and consistent, timely deliveries.