Make shipping easier by making labels easier

The devil is in the details and for sending, that’s especially true when it comes to labels.

Wed Jun 22 13:59:00 EDT 2016

The devil is in the details… and for sending, that’s especially true when it comes to labels.

Labels don’t often get the attention and delicate touch they deserve. Especially when you consider that they determine where any given package is going to in the first place!

But, in the rush to get parcels out the door by a given deadline, label quality can fall by the wayside. What if the address is too difficult for the carrier to read? What if it degrades during the delivery process? Even worse, what if you’re forced to resort to handwritten labels for sending out packages? Not only are they prone to the same address and legibility errors, but they’re incredibly time and labor inefficient.

Actually determining which carrier label to print, and how, is another hurdle to jump over altogether. Your label-printing solution may not be adeptly set up to juggle multiple carriers – like USPS®, FedEx®, UPS® and more – making it more time-consuming to find, print out and apply the right labels to the right packages. And what if they get mixed up? Printing a USPS label for a package that you’re handing off to FedEx, for example, is a surefire way to guarantee that that package will never reach the customer in time.

Print Labels Like a Pro

Creating shipping labels may not sound like the most glamorous job function, but it’s one of paramount and, frankly, underrated importance. For one, generating a professional-looking label, in turn, reflects the professionalism of your company. Handwritten labels may work in pinch, if you’re trying to put some together quickly and at the last minute, but to the recipient it can look sloppy and amateur.

More than the aesthetic appeal, though, labels have to be made professionally in order to guarantee timely delivery and appropriate carrier compliance. That means needing a solution that not only prints pristine looking shipping labels, but accurate ones too, with all of the carrier-appropriate labels and barcodes – for example, the USPS Intelligence Mail Package Barcode – necessary for any given package.

Shipping like a pro means creating labels like a pro. An all-in-one interface that consolidates carrier shipping requirements and knocks down the logistical barriers – such as juggling multiple APIs for multiple carriers – that runs up the time and costs sunk into creating labels goes a long way. This will not just create a more efficient, productive delivery output, but it will also ensure that what you ship out (and how you ship it) reflects the standard of professionalism you want your customers and your competitors to see.

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