Pitney Bowes Handheld Optical Character Reader (OCR)

Instantly capture addresses for shipping labels.

When you need to process large stacks of packages and parcels, you shouldn’t delay operations by typing in every address one at a time. Now, there’s a simpler, cost-effective solution.

With our handheld Optical Character Reader (OCR), you’ll be able to process packages twice as fast. Plus, by using commercial-based pricing instead of retail rates, you can save up to 40% on costs.

Pitney Bowes Handheld OCR

Drive productivity.

Meet the challenges of your mail center. Simply scan any printed label and the address data will instantly populate in the appropriate SendSuite® Live or SendPro® Enterprise field, up to 3x faster than with manual processes.

Maximize savings.

Realize your maximum savings potential. By automatically processing every package through SendSuite® Live or SendPro® Enterprise, you can save significant time and money, right away.

Work with confidence.

Every handheld OCR device delivers best-in-class performance in a sleek, rugged design. Its small lightweight design and impressive speed and accuracy offers ultimate flexibility, making the entire shipping process even more efficient.


Business Benefits

Our innovative scanner fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. You can also attach it to a table mount, so you don’t have to hold it. In a matter of seconds, it captures and feeds addresses to SendSuite Live or SendPro Enterprise to print a shipping label. You’ll be able to process large stacks of parcels and packages quickly, easily and cost-efficiently.