Troubleshooting a dial-up phone connection on the mailstation series

Learn how to troubleshoot a dial-up phone connection on the mailstation and mailstation2.
Products affected: mailstation™, mailstation2™


The meter does not communicate with the Pitney Bowes Data Center over a dial-up (analog) phone line and may display an error message.


Your meter lost its connection with the Pitney Bowes Data Center.


Try these solutions to resolve issues with your dial-up connection:

Solution 1: Confirm that your phone line works

  1. Check that all connections and plugs are securely connected.
  2. Plug a phone handset into your wall jack and listen for a dial tone. 
  • If you do not hear a dial tone, contact your telephone supplier to fix the problem with your phone line.
  • If you do hear a dial tone, reconnect your dial-up (analog) phone line to your meter and follow these steps to perform a meter restart:
    1. Disconnect your power cord from the back of your meter
    2. Wait one minute
    3. Reconnect your power cord.
    4. Wait for your meter to restart. 

Solution 2: Check other phone line issues

  1. Make sure that your dial-up (analog) phone line is not shared with another device. Sharing the phone line with other devices can interfere with your meter's connection. Plug the phone line for your meter directly into the wall jack and remove any phone line splitters.
  2. Make sure that you use a true dial-up (analog) phone line.
    • A DSL line may work. If there are problems, try adding a DSL filter, which can be purchased at an office supply store or acquired from the phone company.
    • Simulated analog phone lines are problematic. If you have issues, try rebooting the device that is simulating the analog line.
    • T1 or Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) lines do not work with an dial-up connection.
  3. Check to see if you must add or remove a dialing prefix (such as 9) to get an outside line. See changing your dialing prefix.
  4. Make sure that your meter dials the number 1-844-972-9633 (toll-free). See manually changing your dial-up phone number .
  5. Ensure that your phone line does not have outbound calls blocked.
  6. If your connection drops before it finishes, try your secondary modem string. See changing your modem string .

Solution 3: Try a different connection method

Use the Contact Us options below if you need further assistance. Have your model and serial number ready.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021

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