2017 Ship Smarter Award Winners

Four organizations recognized for excellence in inbound and outbound parcel management.

The 2017 Ship Smarter Awards recognize businesses that demonstrate leadership and best practices in inbound and outbound parcel management.

Integrated shipping & receiving Haverford College

Streamline your inbound receiving and outbound shipping processes with SendSuite®.
Haverford College

Haverford College, a leading liberal arts college, receives and delivers more than 400 packages a day. Haverford leverages SendSuite Tracking software to automate inbound package handling and SendSuite Live software to centrally manage all outbound shipping,


Haverford College

Haverford College Award Recipients

From left to right: Tom Hazel, North American Channel Director, Pitney Bowes; Fred Howard, Manager, Central Services, Haverford College; Geoff Labe, Director, Conferences/Events & Campus Center Services, Haverford College; Terrell Hudgins, Assistant Director, Conferences/Events & Campus Center Services, Haverford College; and James Vytlacil, Major Accounts Manager, Pitney Bowes

Inbound parcel management Wipro

Simplify your inbound package receiving processes with SendSuite®. 

Wipro, a leading information technology company, receives at least 50 trackable parcels each day. Wipro uses SendSuite Tracking Online to provide information on the location and chain of custody of all inbound trackable mailings. Handheld devices work in tandem with SendSuite software to record each time an envelope changes hands.


Wipro Award Recipients

From left to right: Robert Hollenfer, Executive, GIMS, Wipro; Peter Thomas, Executive, GIMS, Wipro; Binu Raji, Manager, HRSS, US Operations, Wipro; Rachel Thomas, Executive, GIMS, Wipro; Rabia Chaudhry, Executive, HRSS, US Operations, Wipro; Diana Rosado, Office Manager, International Operations, Wipro; Monique DiLiberto, Executive Assistant, Communications, Wipro; Destini Gonzales, Operations Manager, International Operations, Wipro; Priyanka Chinnari, Executive, GIMS, Wipro; and Tom Hazel, North American Channel Director, Pitney Bowes


Outbound parcel management Minnesota Twins & UnCruise Adventures

Optimize your outbound shipping operation with the SendPro® P Series.

Minnesota Twins

Minnesota Twins

The two-time Major League Baseball World Series champion, Minnesota Twins, send and receive more than 50,000 pieces of mail, parcels and packages every year.  The Twins use SendPro P3000 to save time and minimize the cost of every package sent. 

Minnesota Twins

Minnesota Twins Award Recipients

From left to right: Kelly George, Major Account Manager, Pitney Bowes and  Josh Fallin, Office Services Coordinator, Minnesota Twins


UnCruise Adventures

UnCruise Adventures

UnCruise Adventures, a small ship adventure cruise line that connects guests with nature and wildlife while exploring some of the most remote and scenic destinations on the West Coast of the Americas, ships a variety of parcels each day via SendPro®.  

UnCruise Adventures

UnCruise Adventures Award Recipients

Pictured from left to right: Juniper Rayne, Fulfillment Coordinator, UnCruise Adventures; Wendy Wilford, Marketing Manager, UnCruise Adventures; 
and Doug MacDonald, Major Accounts Manager, Pitney Bowes


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