Enabling Ecommerce - Anywhere to Everywhere: Power of Precision Storify

See the most recent Power of Precision chat on how Ecommerce has evolved into a thriving component of global commerce.

Ecommerce has evolved from a novelty accounting for occasional purchases to a thriving component of global commerce, shared Andre Schmidt, Pitney Bowes vice president and general manager, global trade solutions, during the most recent #PowerofPrecision chat. “Costs and complexity of cross-border Ecommerce are going down, making it easier and more attractive” for all businesses, he tweeted.

Yet another vocal audience recently gathered from more than 30 countries to discuss the many changes in Ecommerce in recent years and the impact it is having on businesses large and small, once again trending on Twitter. The subject was Enabling Ecommerce: Anywhere to Everywhere and Schmidt was joined by fellow thought leaders Marsha Collier, an Ecommerce expert and author of the best-selling eBay for Dummies, and chat host Brian Moran, noted business advisor. They shared insights on the considerable role Ecommerce is playing in today’s global economy and how they foresee it further evolving in the near future. Collier tweeted: #Ecommerce has evolved from part-time pastime to full-time profit center.

Once business overcame the fears of selling worldwide, they realized that their markets could expand #PowerofPrecision
Marsha Collier (@MarshaCollier)

The experts detailed how a business successfully expands through Ecommerce and provided advice on avoiding roadblocks that may along. It has effectively transformed commerce to be borderless and accessible to all, Schmidt commented. It has become more efficient and grown exponentially due to advances in technology. In short, Ecommerce is a requirement to stay competitive. Tweeted Collier: #Ecommerce can't be denied - and the whole world wants it!

It has opened up many new opportunities and challenges, including packaging, pricing, shipping, customer service, managing customs, localization, to name a few. That said, “Ecommerce  has gone from a nice to have to a must have,” attendee Christy Soukhamneut tweeted.